Volunteers Wanted: Victim Support Unit (VSU)

Are you part of the 22% of survey respondents who want to be involved in making a difference?

The Parkview CPF’s recent survey showed us that there are many people in our precinct who want to help the CPF to improve the safety of our precinct. This includes looking after crime victims when they are suffering trauma after a crime incident.

Do you have an empathic nature, calm personality, and a desire to help crime victims cope with the trauma and return to normal life?

If so, you fit the profile of the volunteers that the Victim Support Unit (VSU) is looking for!

Should you be keen to volunteer please contact the VSU phone 073 280 4453 or Debbi on 0823304491

If you join VSU, you will be sent on a community training course in trauma debriefing. There are also many opportunities to attend other empowering courses such as the TEARS Gender-Based Violence courses. TEARS Foundation is a leading anti-sexual violence organisation, specialising in the assistance and support network for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

You will also have the opportunity to work closely with Parkview SAPS’s highly experienced Social Crime co-ordinator: Sergeant Phoko. She is a real inspiration to the vulnerable members of society and it is a privilege to benefit from her wealth of experience.

Before you volunteer, please make sure that you:
– Live in the Parkview precinct
– Have your own transport
– Have support from your spouse and family
– Are aware that there is no salary or stipend attached to the position
– Can pay for your initial training course in trauma debriefing
– Will be available to do callouts during the day on weekdays and weekends

Don’t miss this opportunity to give back – your community needs you!

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