The VSU was established in 1997 under the CPF. In 2004 it became an autonomous unit. VSU members are volunteers who live in or around the Parkview Precinct. To become a volunteer some form of experience in counselling or community work is helpful, but not entirely necessary.

The VSU has a dedicated phone with which the Duty Officer communicates directly with us. Upon receiving details of a crime, the VSU establishes contact with the victim to ascertain whether the victim requires trauma debriefing. Such incidents include hijackings, armed robberies, murders, suicide, domestic violence, rape, and death etc. There is a dedicated VSU room at the Parkview Police Station within which to debrief victims or the counsellor may go to the victim’s place of work or home. In the case of an extreme trauma/PTSD the victim will be referred to the relevant professionals.

The VSU arranges speakers and workshops with various professionals throughout the year to continuously upgrade their counselling skills. The VSU continues to maintain good relations with the CPF and the police.

The VSU is open to new members, especially those with Social Work or Psychology experience.

Volunteers need to:

  • Live in the Parkview Precinct.
  • Should be older than 26 years of age.
  • Have their own transport.
  • Be aware that there is NO salary or stipend attached to the position.
  • Be available to do callouts during the day on weekdays and weekends.

For more information about VSU: 0732804453