The Parkview CPF is delighted to share two recent successes of SAPS in keeping criminals off our streets!

  • At 17h00 on 31 May 2021, SAPS was given information that there was planned business robbery at a bed and breakfast guest house in 15th Street Parkhurst. The information was that two suspects had booked themselves into the guesthouse. While in the B&B pretending to be guests, they were going to order items online and ask an unsuspecting business person to deliver the goods to the guesthouse and they intended to rob them on arrival. The Parkview Station Commander sent SAPS members to the given address and they parked strategically around vicinity where the crime was being committed. Since this was a tip-off, all team members were in unmarked vehicles. When the suspects opened the garage door of the B&B, the team members immediately got out of their vehicles and went inside the B&B. They arrested an African male known to be the master mind of the plan. His accomplice was later arrested in the street. Furthermore, a victim was found with both hands and feet tied up. In the garage they also found a white Citroen with false registration plates, fully loaded with a washing machine, a microwave oven, a mini HiFi, an Apple desktop computer with its mouse and Keyboard and a Thinkpad Laptop. There was also a silver Revolver with no serial number behind the passenger seat.

What a commendable operation this was that foiled a criminal master mind! Our safety is in good hands thanks to the smart and swift action of our Parkview SAPS members in Blue. We salute you!

  • The second incident took place on 30 May 2021 at about 19:00. Some Rosebank SAPS members were on duty and patrolling in the Parkview area. They noticed a suspicious-looking silver BMW 325i with 3 black men inside. When the suspects saw the police they quickly started to drive away. The two SAPS members chased after them until the corner of 7th Avenue and 1st Avenue West in Parkhurst where the BMW lost control and collided into the pavement. All the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run. Two suspects were arrested on the spot with the help of some security officers and the other one tried to run away. The team followed him and he noticed that the suspect had a pistol in his hand. After instructing the suspect to stop, the suspect turned around and pointed his pistol at the team who then shot and killed the suspect. Police recovered a 9mm pistol next to him with no serial number. The number plates on the BMW were false with the real number plates TTX780GP found in the car together with another two pistols.

Another brilliant display of policing prowess which inspires us with confidence in our SAPS members. Thank you for removing the criminals from our streets!

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