Letter of Thanks

The Parkview CPF                                                                                  11 December 2020

To whom it may concern.

I write to express my appreciation for the way Sgt Ephraim Maluleke and his colleague as well as the 24/7 officers who handled a situation outside our house last Friday. Our domestic workers daughter arrived at our house and appeared to be having a drug induced psychotic episode. Our domestic worker didn’t know what to do so she pressed the panic button. 24/7 arrived promptly and an ambulance was called. Sgt Maluleke and his colleague were on a routine patrol and stopped to investigate the commotion. They were able to calm to young woman down and remained with her for the next 2 hours while waiting for the ambulance. Unfortunately, the ambulance never arrived and when I got home from work they accompanied me to hospital (she had to be restrained) where she was admitted for observation. The officers acted with care, compassion, and patience and need to be commended for their work.

My sincere thanks.

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