Welcome to the Parkview Community Police Forum

What is a Community Policing Forum (CPF)?

A CPF is a statutory body established in terms of the South African Police Service (SAPS) Interim Regulations for Community Police Forums and Boards (R.384 of 11 May 2001).

The Parkview CPF is committed to achieving the following:

1. Establish and maintain a partnership between the community and the police
2. Promote communication between the police and the community
3. Promote co-operation between the community regarding law enforcement
4. Improve the rendering of police services
5. Improve the transparency and accountability of the police to the community
6. Promote joint problem-identification and solving by the police and the community.


Why does Parkview CPF need your help?

Section 18 of The South African Police Service Act of 1995 requires SAPS to liaise with communities through CPFs.

Crime in Gauteng comprises more than 50% of the total crime in SA! Citizens need to realize that SAPS on its own cannot fight the levels of crime we are dealing with in SA at the moment.

The CPF is the best conduit through which to channel everyone’s contribution to fighting crime, be it by means of donations, skills training or patrolling within the various organized initiatives.

How can you help?

  • Open a case when any criminal incident occurs to you
  • Encourage your friends and family to open cases
  • Report any corruption you see within SAPS to the CPF
  • Make suggestions to the CPF of initiatives you think would curb crime
  • Use your cell phones to record, photograph and video any crime you witness and discuss the footage with the CPF
  • Support our society’s moral regeneration by rewarding the right behaviour